File extension MP4

File extension MP4 is one of the file extensions that define type of the file and its contents.

.MP4 files do not need an introduction. The reason is simple, actually. We all watch videos and .MP4 is one of the most popular video formats available today. Technically speaking, these extensions are associated with the MPEG-4 video files. These files are most commonly used to store videos and audios but sometimes, they might also be used to contain subtitles in the form of texts and images. The MPEG-4 compression type which is used by these files is developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). While the videos in such files are compressed through the MPEG-4 encoding format, the audio files are compressed using the AAC formats.

Generally, the user sees the BIFS programs being associated with the files with the File extension MP4. The BIFS refers to the Binary Format for Scenes. The entire framework provided to the execution of the MPEG-4 terminal files is due to the BIFS program. The mp4 files can be easily played through various player programs, just the correct CODEC needs to be downloaded for the same. Otherwise, the player will show an error message. Commonly, the files with the File extension MP4 are played with the Windows Media Player.

The .mp4 are also available online and as an online customer, a user can easily procure and enjoy all the types of audio and video files like songs, video clips, movies; amongst others. It is because the .mp4 extension files allow the streaming over the Internet. This means that these contents can be watched in real time (streaming) over a web-supporting device via the Internet connection. Moreover, these audio and video files with the File extension MP4 can also be downloaded directly from the web into the hard drive. The players with the capability to play the .mp4 can also play the lower version files like those with the extension .mpeg. In fact, among all video extensions available today, .MP4 still remains the most popular, and is one of the reasons nearly all devices can play this video file format.

There are numerous software and programs associated with the .mp4 files. Apart from the Windows Media Player, these files can also be run with the KM Player, Media Player Classic, VLC Media Player, and XBMC Media Center etc. Other software related to the files with this extension are WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, WinX DVD Ripper for Mac, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and WinX HD Video Converter for Mac.

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Files can contain different kinds of information – text documents, spreadsheets with numbers, pictures, videos, music, maps, etc… In order to tell which file contains which data, file extensions are used. File extension is a part of a file name that comes after the last dot. Examples of file extensions are JPEG, DOC, MP3, MP4, etc. A rough analogy would be person’s last name. Just like it, file extension identifies which “family” of files, specific file belongs to. Learn more about file extensions.

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